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The Personal and Organizational Power of Mind-set!

 “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, doggone it, people like me!” – Stewart Smalley, Saturday Night Live You may remember Al Franken’s character, Stewart Smalley, from Saturday Night Live. He was funny and a bit pathetic at the same […]

Being Unique – Being “That Guy”

My friend Ray asks, “Is it the competition you have to worry about, or is it just crowded out there?” Competition can be brutal. At its nastiest it crushes confidence and paralyzes creative action. We experience stress and become ineffective. […]

We’re All Millennials at Heart!

It’s Not Them, It’s Us! The future has arrived and Millennials brought it with them! Like it or not the world continues to change radically. If you long for the status quo, good luck. Millennials disrupt what the rest of […]

The Power of Belief

Every generation has its beliefs, its built-in assumptions: “The world is flat.” “It’s impossible to fly.” “Electric lights are not worthy of serious consideration.” To harness the energy locked up in matter is impossible.” Even the inventor of wireless telegraphy […]

The Tower of Babel

You’ve experienced it from the boardroom to the bedroom.  It’s crystal clear—your thought process and decision making methodology.  Then BAM!  Out of the blue a contrary point of view broadsides you making absolutely no sense whatsoever!  What just happened?  Aren’t […]


Name that Company – Test Your Knowledge We cannot behave in any way, shape, or form that is inconsistent with the image we hold in our minds. Conversely we are only as good as the vision that guides us. All […]


What if all conflicts and failures—individual and organizational— stem from a single source? What if the tiniest disagreements and disappointments from home or work to major military encounters and disastrous relations between and among nations all emerge from this source? […]

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